if I had a baby I wouldnt be able to do it to expcet the job to change to so I can have both the title I want and the family I want isnt a reasonable expcetation, I would have to sacrifice one or the other, and the career would be it I would have to find a way to do what I want while still taking care of my family.Again, not judging your situation, not my place, and I sincerely do hope that you are able to find that balance. But in all honestly if I wanted a job that made less demands on my time and life I would take a job that made less demands. As it stands Im trying to make some opportunities of my own to not so much lessen the demands but to more change them but I know until that time the parameters of the job I was hired to do arent going to change and I am obligated to keep doing them as long as I collect the paycheck for doing it.