Shirley I sure am going to miss Jim. He has left me with a lot of good memories. Every time I build a fire I will think of all the good times we had sitting around the campfire sharing drinks and listening to Jim’s fantastic adventures & stories. I look forward to still doing that in his memory.
Michael, Jeffery & Kimberly, as you all know your father was a great family man. His dedication and love for you was second to none. He was very proud of all of you. The grandchildren that you blessed him with gave him one of the biggest joys in his life. He couldn’t have been any prouder when he spoke about spending time with them.
I know you’re shedding tears and the sorrow you are feeling but after recently going through these difficult times myself, my only advice is to hold your head up high and remember all the great times that you got to shared with Jim. He has left an every lasting impression with us all.
God saw that he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be; So he put his arms around him and whispered, “Come with me”. You know He only takes the best, so Jim now has the ultimate fishing buddy. God Bless you all.
Your Friend Tom