Jim, Myself and Kim go way way back to our Latonia Pizza working days some 26-27 yrs ago, her, myself and another latonia pizza girlfriend all left there and went to WACO gas station on pike st. we three left there and went to work at SuperAmerica gas station on 5th st, seemed like we just follwed each other from job to job back then.Looking back on it, it was kinda funny that happened that way. We then all left there at different times and went our separate ways. Me and Kim then came together again while working here at IRS 4th st. I was so glad to meet up with her once again at our place of employment—funny how things work out. I want you to know that I treasured Kim as a true friend and I remember when you and her met and married. I know you were the love of her life just as Lindsey was when she was born. I have a few of her xmas cards still to this day with pictures of her baby girl in them with a few updates in the card. I was so saddened by the news of her passing and I just wanted you and Lindsey to know just how much Kim was though of and cherished. Please take comfort in knowing she is in a much better place and at peace. May the Lord walk with you both and help guide you to ease some of your pain. God Bless you both. {{{HUGGS}}}