Everybody loved Ted he should have owned that place after 56 years of faithful service(longer than any owner or employee in the 184 year company history , he was the only person I knew in the 11 years I worked in that zoo that had any idea whatsoever of how to treat people. For him it was second nature to to ask always about “what the public wants, at the door what the public thinks, Ted was always running to the driveway to help elderly mourners in and out of their cars, I can promise you those “good ole days” are OVER! There will be no more Porters, no white jackets nor gloves, no one to get your car door nor an umbrella to keep you dry, no for 56 years times changed businesses changed but Allison & Rose had a degree of continuity and timeless elegance because “Mr Ted” stood his post at Allison & Rose, in the snow, in the rain, year in year, decades on and on, 56 years at one job! Through Elvis and the 1950s, the Beatles, Nixon, Vietnam. 1776 Bicentennial , Carter, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, decade after decade, from January 16, 1956 when General Eisenhower was President and Ted Huley came from Williamstown , KY the tradition of old southern charm and manners and gentle chivalry have today been laid to rest in Highland Cemetery.