Huh Jews sticking up for thlveesmes. If it weren’t for the allies I wonder how the Jews would of fared?Jews say never again but look what happened in Cambodia to Africa and still happens I take it this must mean their own kind.And of course they’ll never forgive and move on.Funny thing is after they (Jews) were liberated they sought shelter in safer environments like Africa where they extorted their hosts for diamonds money and power and in returned Africans to modern day slavery . You should be ashamed.When was the last time a Jew helped you or gave to Charity or stood up for a good global non discrimante human cause?Most charities originate from the uk but when will one originate from Zion?Greed will be their downfall like prior to most world wars before the Anglos bail them out and most recently the global financial crises.Mel Gibson spoke his mind but at least he had the dignity to do so until the Zionist movie industry ruined him because of free speach that is part of Democracy.Shame shame shame.