Funny, guys! Think about it. Where are the mighty aremis of yore, including the Egyptians, Babylonian an Assyians, Persians, Alexander of Mecedonia, the Roman Eagle and Pax Romana, not to mention more modern aremis like Napoleon, Prussia, and, of course, the Whermact of the Third Reich.They’re all gone now, and we Jews are still here. BTW, we only began to start defending ourselves during and after WWII when a handful of partisan fighters fought against tremendous odds. We held off the forces of German Army in the Ghetto in Warsaw for more than a month, armed with only a few small arms and Molotov cocktails. What really frosted the Germans was that Jews were actually fighting back!So Really now, Mr Gibson, you freaking Hypocritic alcoholic; just WHO actually started all these wars throught history.Not us, for sure!