The old expression "You Get What You Pay For" certainly applies to the funeral profession.  But with Allison and Rose Funeral Home you often get more than you pay for. You can count on valuable and varied services required for a funeral and a peace of mind that’s been resonating since 1830.

At Allison and Rose Funeral Home we encourage you to call at any time to discuss preplanning, to ask for guidance when death occurs and for help afterwards,  including grief counseling.

Whether you call us at the time of need, or for pre-planning purposes, you can trust Allison and Rose funeral directors to help you make choices that are right for your family and your budget. You can even pre-plan and pre-pay, allowing you to make important decisions now.

When faced with legal issues, you turn to the most competent attorney available.  When illness strikes, you consult the best physician.  And when death occurs, you turn to the one in your community who can provide the professional advice, service and accountability you deserve, Allison and Rose Funeral Home.

The number of details surrounding death and funerals is immense!

"How much does the funeral cost?"
"Will Allison and Rose coordinate the service with my church?"
"How about the cemetery arrangements?"
"How do I explain death to my children?"

We take great pride in being a complete resource you can call upon at any time.